ArmourLock SA-4

Introducing the

ArmourLock SA-4

Strip Armouring System

Speed, quality, productivity, ease of set-up and reduced maintenance are the foundations of the ArmourLocks design. With the ability to accommodate a wider product range within one system manufacturers now have ultimate production flexibility and capability to meet any customer demand.

  • Increased production range – 0.5” to 4.0” (O.D.)
  • Industry-leading performance @ 1300 RPM (product dependent)
  • 50% increase in material capacity – 1,500 lbs
  • Advanced ergonomic design.
  • Hardened LED lights for improved viewing
  • Sliding door and improved door seals for improved lubrication retention
  • Redesigned tooling head and strip path
  • Optional offline tool setup available

Additional Features:

  • Refined drive system with integrated servo motors for precise strip tension with no slip rings
  • Designed to adapt to a right or left-handed orientation
  • Backload design allows for quicker pack changeover
  • Simplified string up
  • Ability to optimize the strip path with a simple head
  • Featuring two large self-supporting sliding doors, integrated plexiglass windows and hardened LED lighting provides
  • Sliding door, improved door seals, and oil collection tank maximizes the containment of lubrication.
  • Integrated drain allows for easy transfer of used oil Integrated oil mist extractor.