Bartell Adds New Smart Machine Working Centers

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September 20, 2018
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February 28, 2019

Bartell has added three new pieces of equipment to their machine shop which will increase capability and productivity. These vertical mills are part of Bartell’s new Smart Machine Working Centers, part of Heico’s continued investment in Bartell.
“Heico’s continued to investments in capital improvements such as Bartell’s new Smart Machining work centers will allow for continued growth at Bartell by driving improvements in productivity, lead-times, capacity, quality, safety and environmental” says Bartell’s VP of Operations Ben Lunduski.

The technical information for each machine is listed below.

Mazak i300S Integrex:

  • To be installed February 2019 and operational March 2019
  • Full 5-axis capability
  • Turn and mill parts all in one operation
  • Capacity is 26” in diameter, 60” long
  • Bar feeder, parts unloader, parts accumulator to be able to run unattended
  • 12,000 RPM milling spindle
  • 1000psi variable pressure thru spindle coolant
  • 110 pocket tool changer

Milltronics VM3018:

  • Installed January 2019
  • 3-axis vertical mill
  • 30” x-axis, 18” y-axis, 20” z-axis capacity
  • 10,000 RPM milling spindle
  • 20 pocket tool changer
  • 300 psi thru spindle coolant



Mitutoyo PM7106 CMM:

  • To be installed March 2019
  • Manual CMM
  • To give machinists ability to inspect parts that are coming off their machines
  • 27” x-axis, 39” y-axis, 24” z-axis capacity





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