The Bow Cabler is suitable for the assembly of bare and/or insulated conductors. This machine is further used in conjunction with the Tubular Strander/Cabler in reverse concentric-lay Cabling, EM Armouring and OPGW Stranding.

The Bow Cabler pay-offs wires successively through a series of rotating bow. Therefore Bow cabler is working with 100% backtwist movement.

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Product Description

A strong welded structural steel frame supports the bearing housings which in turn house the bow and cradle supports.

The bearing assemblies are grease lubricated and include large angular contact, deep groove ball bearing combination to withstand the axial and radial forces of the bow in rotation. The cradles are supported on self-aligning spherical roller mounted inside of the main bow bearing assembly.

The “Fleet-O-Matic” dancer eliminates the fleeting angle between bobbin winding and the exit bushing of the cradle, while maintaining constant pay-off tension in the conductor from a full to an empty bobbin. Preloading of the dancer is adjustable to suit the conductor being run. The unit also detects product break or run out. The result ensures that the product runs smoothly and it provides necessary braking torque to maintain the tension in the cable during the normal duty cycle of the machine. This device eliminates:

  • Over run of the product during deceleration
  • Improve the ability to pay off with uniform tension

Machine parameters are digitally monitored and controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a menu driven touch screen so that at each stage the operator is guided to obtain the desired machine operation.

Feature Benefit
Single Operator Control Minimal Manpower Requirement
Integrated Line Control Controlled Process
Loading System Improved Productivity
Simple Machine Set-up Reduced Downtime
System Diagnostics Reduced Downtime
Smooth wire path Improved Product Quality


  • Loading/unloading system
  • Wire break detection
  • Pay-off remote tension control