Single Twist Stranders/Cablers are suitable for stranding, cabling and armouring bare or insulated conductors (with or without taping).

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Product Description

Specific product solutions include:

  • Stranding of unilay and reverse concentric conductors
  • Category data communication cable & LAN cable
  • Flexible cords
  • Circuit-sized control cable
  • Small diameter wire screening/armouring.

Single Twist machine can be utilized as Pay-off for reverse concentric and wire armouring/screening applications.

Machine parameters are digitally monitored and controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a menu driven touch screen so that at each stage the operator is guided to obtain the desired machine operation.

Feature Benefit
Gentle & Balanced wire path Superior tension control
3 drives system (reel, bow, Traverse) Improved productivity
Torsion lock design Take up Improved laying/taping quality
Compact machine footprint Reduced investment
Greater level of automation Minimize operator error


  • Electrical or mechanical line shaft
  • Stationary or rotating haul-off unit
  • Inline Pair & cable shielding application
  • Inline filler & center member application