The Bartell high-speed tubular stranders are constructed with durability and efficiency in mind to meet the most demanding production requirements. The tubular stranders are ideal for many industries and products such as copper, steel, stainless steel, gold, silver, jewelry, medical, automotive, aerospace, musical instrument wire, magnet wire, and fiber optic, push-pull cables, and many other specialty products and operate with 100% backtwist movement. With a state of the art design manufacturers can produce a quality product at higher speeds than ever before. The new ergonomically designed guarding package allows for easy string-up and maintenance. With the optional sound proofing, the noise level of the machine can be dramatically reduced. Available in configurations for the production of large wire conductors, round wire armoring or fine wire the Bartell tubular stranders set the standard for high-speed concentric stranding.

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Product Description

Specific product solutions include round and sectored stranded conductors including ACSR, AAC and AAAC constructions. This machine is further used in conjunction with Bow Cablers in reverse concentric-lay Cabling, EM Armouring, and OPGW Stranding.

  • Available in 6,12,18,24,30 and 36 bay configurations.
  • Electronic lay, with programmable lay lengths.
  • Capable of producing S(left) or Z (right) lay products.
  • A series safety hoods with electrical interlocks.
  • Large brake for high-speed stopping.
  • Wire break detection system detects broken wires along the length of the barrel and before the closing die.
  • Automatic oiler that controls the interval and amount of oil that is supplied to each A frame bearing.
  • AC motor and drive carry a one-year warranty.
  • The programmable mechanical counter assembly integrated into the machines start/stop circuitry.
  • Ergonomically designed operator control stations
Feature Benefit
Single Operator Control Minimal Manpower Requirement
Integrated Line Control Controlled Process
Loading System Improved Productivity
Simple Machine Set-up Reduced Downtime
System Diagnostics Reduced Downtime
Smooth wire path Improved Product Quality


  • Loading/unloading system
  • Wire tension monitoring
  • Wire straightening assemblies
  • Pre-forming heads
  • Sound proofing packages
  • Magnetic particle brake for each bobbin.
  • An additional bobbin assembly located at the rear of the machine to provide the capability for an additional wire.
  • Air operated clutch that links the capstan to a belt driven take-up.
  • An integral core payoff assembly provides the means of placing a larger reel of core product in the first cradle position, thus providing a means to present the core product with zero twist induced. The other bobbin wires are routed around the core product position, before entering the die.
  • Many versions of take-up assemblies available