Fourth Revolution Headlines: Amid a Waning Workforce, Manufacturing Careers Grow

The Fourth Revolution: The Solution to the Manufacturing Labor Shortage Might Be An Internal One
August 2, 2019
Bartell Machinery Systems Overview Brochure
October 10, 2019

Tyson Foods is investing big bucks into its digital transformation. On August 8th it unveiled its brand new automation technology center in Springdale. Chairman John Tyson touted the facility as a, quote, “commitment to creating the next generation of manufacturing solutions through advanced automation, robotics, and machine learning.” The center has multi-faceted space for a machine vision technology lab, food production simulations and hands-on robotics training to open new doors for Tyson employees.

Even amid job loss and a waning workforce, the manufacturing industry has actually added jobs, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics’ July report. In July, the sector added 16,000 new jobs, with the automotive industry supplying the bulk of the employment. This represents the second straight month of growth for manufacturing jobs, though it still doesn’t match 2018’s pace, which had almost 200% more fresh manufacturing jobs by this time last year.

There’s less clarity in a big decision coming down from tire-giant Michelin & BFGoodrich. Starting September 1st, the tire manufacturer will raise tire prices on selected US and Canadian products by up to 5%. Unfortunately, the company wasn’t very forthright with the influence behind the decision, leaving the answers in the hands of account managers to relay individually to customers. This is the second price increase from Michelin in 2019.