Interwire 2019

Experience Never Gets Old

 Bartell is bringing the latest Strip Armouring Technology to Atlanta

For over 75 years Bartell has been a pioneer in the wire and cable industry. It’s that experience that continues to drive our innovations.

Interactive displays and demonstrations by product experts will showcase how Bartell’s industry-leading equipment can positively impact your factories productivity, efficiency, and quality.


  • Over 1,000sq feet of floor space
  • Interactive Product Demonstrations
  • Experienced staff to answer all your questions about Bartell products and Armouring Systems.

Countdown to Interwire

2019/05/14 09:34:25


ArmourLock SA-4: Strip Armouring System

Bartell’s Armourlock is the latest in our long tradition of strip armouring systems. Speed, quality, productivity, ease of set-up and reduced maintenance are the foundations of the ArmourLocks design. With the ability to accommodate a wider product range within one system manufacturers now have ultimate production flexibility and capability to meet any customer demand.

Live Video From Bartell’s Shop Floor

Watch live as Bartell’s R&D Engineers demo all of the Armourlock’s capabilities live from the shop floor. See first hand how our innovative system is changing the game when it comes to strip armouring.