When it comes to Trucks our integrated systems can give you a competitive advantage. Integrating bead winding and apexing allowing for greater efficiency for TBR, Taper Based Beads, and Splice Wrapping.


Machine Systems



The Bartell SWS-4000T Single Wire Truck Bead Winding System is a complete bead line capable of producing four flat or taper base, single-wire, hexagonal or square section truck beads simultaneously.



The Bartell SWS-6000 High Speed Truck Single Wire Bead Winding System is a complete bead line capable of producing either three or six flat or taper base, single-wire hexagonal or square section truck beads simultaneously.


Automatic Truck Apexing

The Bartell Automatic Truck Bead Apex System brings automation to the Bead /Apex process for tire Beads in the diameter range 17.5” to 24.5”.


Bead Measurement System

The Bartell BMM is a high-production test machine used to determine the inside diameters of tire beads ranging from 12″ to 24″ in diameter.


Bead Evaluation Station

The Bartell Bead Evaluation Station is a compact and versatile measurement station for bead profile height, width and weight.


BeadView ™

Our advanced non-contact bead measurement system optically captures bead characteristics improving quality and eliminating typical measurement errors.


Automatic Handling Systems

Automatic Bead Handling Systems are available for integrating bead lines with the customer’s next process without operator interference.


Servo Driven Carousels

Carousels are multi-arm storage units that index after beads have been placed on an arm. This motion is controlled through the bead line PLC and a servo drive mounted to the carousel assembly.