Since its founding, Bartell has been a fixture in the wire and cable industry. Our focus has been to deliver robust rotating solutions based on an expertise of shaping, winding and twisting wire and cable. This focus, along with our acquisition of Ceeco in 2003, has allowed us to develop industry-leading solutions to produce the highest quality products in the most economical, efficient and safe manner possible. From design to installation and service our goal is flawless execution and fostering success through our solutions isn’t a just a job it is a passion.

Member Associations:

The Wire Association International (WAI), Inc., founded in 1930, is a worldwide technical society for wire and cable industry professionals. WAI collects and shares technical, manufacturing, and general business information to the ferrous, nonferrous, electrical, fiber optic, and fastener segments of the wire and cable industry. www.wirenet.org

Wire and Cable Industry Suppliers Association® is a nonprofit corporate membership association with over 100 North American suppliers of machinery, materials, and accessories used for making all types of wire and cable.  WCISA’s mission is to promote its member’s products and services by providing representation, networking opportunities, and services trade events and conferences. www.wcisaonline.org

Founded in 1970, the International Wire & Machinery Association is the world’s largest and most influential corporate association for the wire, cable and wire product industries. The IWMA’s mission is to promote new technology, education, and growth within the industry. www.iwma.org

New Products

Bartell = Innovation. When tough challenges need to be solved we are developing advanced solutions for the demands of tomorrow. Search our new products.

Equipment Upgrades

Our upgrades for Bartell and Ceeco equipment ensure maximum productivity, performance, efficiency and safety. Search available improvements your Bartell or Ceeco equipment.

Ceeco Brand

Ceeco’s equipment line included stranders, High Speed Twinners, Double and Single Twist Stranders, Roll Forming, Wrapping and Interlock Armoring machines, Planetary and Rigid-frame Cablers, complemented Bartell’s existing wire industry products enabling us to meet the growing needs of our customers.



From cantilever to roll through Bartell’s legendary performance is delivered in a variety of configurations to meet any application.



Dependability, durability and performance are designed into each caterpuller and capstan we offer. With industry leading value and features, Bartell is the premium choice.


Roll Forming combines two highly productive processes, Roll Forming and Single Twist/Double Twist Stranding, to create a high-speed continuous manufacturing cell producing unilay concentric circular or shaped conductors.


The most economical and effective technology for stranding bare conductors up to 750mcm.


Simplified tooling and industry leading speed highlight the advanced features on our strip armoring lines.


From fine wire to large gauge cables Bartell has a variety of tubular stranders to meet any need.


With pure planetary, variable backtwist, and rigid settings along with advanced tension control our planetary stranders offer the best industry has to offer.