Each year Bartell Machinery Systems, LLC, invests substantial time, effort and capital to bring forth innovations that solve manufacturing challenges or improve our existing machinery systems allowing our customers to be ever more competitive and meet the demands of today’s consumer markets. Associated with this proactive process we also execute efforts to protect those innovations through various means which include but are not limited to patents. Each year Bartell continues to file patents and our ever-growing patent portfolio contains developments that allow Bartell’s brand to be identified as an industry leading manufacturer of world-class manufacturing systems across the globe.

In accordance with Section 287(a) of Title 35 of the United States Code, the reader is hereby placed on notice of Bartell Machinery Systems, LLC rights in the Patents listed on this site and associated with the following products.


Product Line & Associated Patents

Tire and Rubber
Bead Winding – Single Wire
KR 377226
KR 377228
KR 377231
KR 381191
KR 381194
NL 2772349
SK 2772349
US 9,790,050
US D503,414
US D503,939
US D503,940
US D504,139
US D504,445
US D514,140
US D503,727
Bead Winding – Weftless
KR 377226
KR 381191
KR 381194
US D503,939
US D504,445
US D514,140
Automated Truck Apex
US 9,126,340
Wire & Cable
Roll Form Stranding
US 6,311,394
Umbilical Stranding
US 9,303,355
Double Twist Stranding
US 6,230,478
Oil & Gas
CN 201280061043
US 9,643,226