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February 26, 2018
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March 25, 2018


For those still on the path of completing their degree or for ones who have graduated and are working through the process of entering the workforce finding ways to develop the strong foundational elements and relationships that lead to a successful career may be overwhelming and intimidating.

Where do I start?

What kind of jobs are out there? 

What are companies looking for?

How do I identify an industry that I will be able to leverage my skills and excel?

What kind of company culture do I enjoy?


This is a lot to consider for sure, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Companies in all types of industries have many programs that allow potential candidates to experience job requirements, responsibilities, and culture in a daily working environment before completing their educational requirements. Take Bartell Machinery Systems for example. We pride ourselves on our commitment to career development programs such as internships and apprenticeships. Through our internship program, we have seen many candidates grow to achieve successful careers. Since we have observed so many successes we thought it would be helpful, if not inspiring, to share that experience first-hand.

Let me introduce you to Samantha Stewart. Samantha will be a graduate of SUNY Polytechnic Institute in May and to better position herself for a fast start to her career she has decided to pursue an internship with Bartell. Over the next 8 weeks, Samantha has agreed to share her thoughts and experiences related to the overall internship process and being a part of Bartell.

Each week we will release a story through our website and social media channels in which you can follow her story. I truly hope that through this engagement we may be able to provide some insights that help lead you to a future of success. Best of Luck!



Pamela Hollenbeck

Regional Human Resources Manager


Week 1

Hi everyone! My name is Samantha Stewart, and I am currently a Mechanical Engineering Intern for Bartell Machinery Systems. In these next 8 weeks, I will discuss my experience, takeaways, and some tips on an internship! With this internship being my second experience with a company, I have fostered personal growth and networking that will stay with me throughout my career.

Now a little about myself; I am a senior, Mechanical Engineering Technology student at SUNY Polytechnic Institute in Utica, New York. With my technical background and my minor in Communications, I see myself in a career where I can be a liaison between a customer and the engineering team.

Bartell Machinery Systems caught my eye for their dedication to its employees, and the well-renowned name they have created for themselves over the past 75 years and counting. With countless awards through OSHA and innovation recognitions, I knew that putting my name with Bartell would enhance my candidacy in my future career search. Upon seeing a posting for an internship with the company that is so well known, I jumped at the opportunity to apply! The 12-week interview process began with a phone interview with Pamela Hollenbeck, the Regional HR Manager, who made the conversation flow well, making me forget it was even an interview! Soon after, I was called in for an on-site interview, where I was able to meet many different employees from the various areas who make Bartell all it is. During this interview, I realized that every department within Bartell contributes to its success, making everyone a crucial part of their processes.

I was hired at the beginning of January, and within my first few days, I quickly realized that the company has employees who are dedicated to the success of the company. They have welcomed me with open arms and are ready to help in gaining the knowledge necessary for my career path. I am excited to share with you the experience and knowledge that I have gained and continue to gain every day through this internship in the upcoming weeks!

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