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October 26, 2015
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June 6, 2016

pr_im2Rome, N.Y. – Bartell Machinery Systems is pleased to announce the successful engineering, design, manufacturing and shipment of its first deep sea oil pipe production equipment to China. This equipment, referred to as a “Carcass Machine”, stands over 30 feet tall and is designed to produce the inner steel liner in ultra-deep sea flexible oil pipe. This pipe will be deployed in ocean depths greater than 7,000 feet, making the Bartell unit one of the most advanced machinery systems of its kind available in the world today.

Flexible oil pipes, also known as risers, are used to connect oil well heads on the ocean floor to ships and platforms on the ocean’s surface. These pipes are constructed of various layers of steel and plastic and are engineered to withstand internal pressures of up to 10,000 psi from the oil, while resisting the external pressures of the sea water at greater depths.

pr_im2“Our customers continue to ask us to push the limits of possibility and this machine represents the ability of Bartell to answer that call. Our employees’ hard work, dedication and ability to innovate has allowed Bartell to continue to grow in various global markets and be recognized as a leader within Oil and Gas, Tire, and Wire and Cable production equipment markets.” said Patrick Morocco, President, Bartell Machinery Systems. “The scale of this equipment is impressive and our ability to create and deliver on this magnitude is what Bartell is all about.”


About Bartell Machinery Systems
Bartell Machinery Systems is a global leader in providing highly-engineered industrial manufacturing equipment for the Tire & Rubber, Oil & Gas, and Wire & Cable industries. Bartell has delivered innovative solutions to leading manufacturers since 1940, with over 8,500 machines installed worldwide. Bartell is headquartered in Rome, NY with sales and service capability around the globe.

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