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February 12, 2019
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Ensuring the quality of a product has always been a key operation within manufacturing and 100% inspection of the product being produced was time, cost and logistically prohibitive, until now. With the introduction of robotic systems into various production environments, the way businesses look at quality inspection has evolved. Integrating robotic systems with advanced inspection technologies now creates an effective tool in which manufacturers can ensure their products are of the highest quality while ensuring maximum productivity and operation efficiencies.

At this year’s Tire Technology Expo, held in Hannover, Germany from March 5th-7th, Bartell will be unveiling a new advanced automated in-process inspection concept.  The live on stand concept demonstration will showcase the industry’s first full in-process inspection system for tire beads. This system leverages the previous success of the Bartell Beadview™ inspection system and incorporates direct feedback from leading tire manufactures on what the future of automated inspection systems should be. Bartell is continuously looking to the future in the application of automated in-process inspection systems and how they can be further integrated into the component manufacturing to create additional value for our customers. With robotics already a key component of Bartell’s manufacturing systems further extending automated solutions into quality inspection is the next phase of technology development.

These new technologies allow for the potential to achieve 100% inspection of components equivalent to the rate of production creating unmatched productivity with visibility to data never previously available . The advantage of automated in-process inspection is that it can be recipe driven based on the production line specifications, while also allowing for inclusion into existing component manufacturing systems.
Paul Gatley, VP of Engineering

The manufacturing industry is rapidly moving toward tighter requirements and improved quality standards in all aspects of design and component manufacturing.  Our new automated inspection concept shows what is possible and will enable our customers to perform inspection of all beads without increasing overhead or sacrificing production efficiency. With our new approach to bead inspection, our customers can achieve peace of mind knowing that their manufactured components meet design quality specification and allow them to analyze data sets they have previously been unable to obtain efficiently. Bartell is committed to providing our customers the most advanced component manufacturing machinery systems in the world and our new inspection concept delivers on that promise.
Pat Morocco, President

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