Bartell offers a wide variety of tensioners for several applications within the oil and gas industry. These units are designed and engineered to meet demanding customer requirements associated with a broad range of pipe designs. The tensioners can be either chain or cleat type, containing three (3) or four (4) track assemblies. The track assemblies move in and out to clamp the product and provide the required axial pull and torsion resistance needed for machine line operation. Specific attention is paid to the pipe design being run as the compression forces needed to pull the product ensure that the pipe quality is not affected at all during machine operation. Bartell’s tensioner units can be integrated into any machine line and are synchronized to precisely match the line speed desired.

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Max. passage: 650 mm diameter
Min. pipe size: 60 mm diameter
Maximum Tension: 50 kN
Effective track length: 2800 mm
Max. Line speed: 4.5 mpm