Pipe Armouring Lines

The use of pipe to transport oil and gas in both onshore and offshore environments is common but the innovation of flexible pipe has fostered increased versatility in oil and gas exploration and recovery. Flexible pipe has allowed for more effective and efficient flowline deployment and retrieval even in the most demanding environments.  The key characteristics of the pipe are its flexibility, corrosion resistance, and the ability to handle extreme pressure and tensile loads.

Bartell’s armouring lines allow manufactures to design and produce the most advanced configurations of flexible pipe with the most advanced materials at the highest quality and productivity standards. From each metallic layer to tensioners and underrollers Bartell provides full system solutions to support the production and layering of any flexible pipe. Available in a various configurations to suit any design Bartell is the industries leading supplier for flexible pipe manufacturing equipment.



This machine is built to wind and interlock, steel “Flexlock” pressure armouring strips in long lengths on a flexible tube in a continuously wound helix for use in high pressure flexible pipe applications.


The basic function of the Tensile Armouring Machine is to apply a layer of round or rectangular steel strip onto the flexible pipe being produced. The angle, speed and size of strip that is applied are determined by the flexible pipe specification.


This process transforms a flat stainless steel strip into a fully interlocked section.