Bartell Machinery has successfully designed and manufactured one of the largest Tensile Armouring Machines currently serving the Flexible Pipe Industry. The basic function of the Tensile Armouring Machine is to apply a layer of round or rectangular steel strip onto the flexible pipe being produced. The angle, speed and size of strip that is applied are determined by the flexible pipe specification. Tensile Armouring Machines are Rigid Stranders, meaning that the bobbins are always in the same relative position to the machine center line.

Two (2) machine cage sections are supplied to work in tandem. Each cage applies a layer opposite to the other and is supported by a rear bearing and front support disc. The rear bearing is designed to withstand the static and dynamic load of each cage along with the axial load provided by the wire tension. During machine operation, a pneumatic braking system is automatically adjusted as the bobbins unwind, compensating for the changing bobbin diameter and ensuring constant tension in the wire.

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Number of Bobbins per Cage: 88
Pipe Diameter OD: 70 mm – 500 mm
Maximum Passage Size: 600 mm
Pipe Unit Weight: 400 kg/m
Angle of Armouring for Flat Wire: 25° – 55°
Angle of Armouring for Round Wire: minimum 13°
Maximum Linear Speed: 8 m/min
Max Cage Rotational Speed: 20 RPM
Maximum Flat Wire Size: 22 mm x 6 mm
Maximum Round Wire Diameter: 8 mm
Wire Tension Range: 150 daN – 500 daN
Weight of Wire: 1,000 Kg
Bobbin External Diameter: 800 mm
Main Drive: AC
Maximum Out of Balance Load: 5,000 Kg

We offer custom built systems beyond specifications listed here, please contact a Bartell Sales Representative to discuss your requirements.