As part of the equipment that Bartell Machinery offers to support the Flexible Pipe Industry, Bobbin Style Taping Machines are available. These can be part of a main machine line (Carcass, Flexlock, Tensile Armouring) or installed separately as their own production line. The primary function of the Bobbin Taping Machines is to apply two (2) strips of tape simultaneously to different diameters of pipe.

Each bobbin will have its own tape tensioning assembly consisting of a fleeting arm and a band brake mechanism. A dampening cylinder controls the fleeting arm speed of movement with is set based on the bobbin width. The fleeting arm provides consistent tape transfer from the reel, through the fleeting arm and into the guide roll assembly during tape application. Machine rotation is either in clockwise or anticlockwise direction and will be synchronized with the rest of the machine line.

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Drum Diameter: 600 mm
Flange Diameter: 1,200 mm
Bobbin Weight: 500kg
PA Tape Width: 40 mm – 130 mm
PA Tape Thickness: 0.8 mm – 15 mm
PA Pitch Range: 80 mm – 260 mm
Pipe OD Range: 75 mm – 500 mm
Tape Tension Range: 30 daN – 250 daN
Maximum RPM (production): 80 RPM
Maximum out of Balance load (production): 200 kg
Maximum Linear Speed: 8 m/min

We offer custom built systems beyond specifications listed here, please contact a Bartell Sales Representative to discuss your requirements.