As part of the equipment that Bartell Machinery offers to support the Flexible Pipe Industry, Pad Style Taping Machines are available. These can be part of a main machine line (Carcass, Flexlock, Tensile Armouring) or installed separately as their own production line.

Two (2) or Four (4) Pad Taping Heads are suitable for the simultaneous application of two (2) or four (4) tapes onto a pipe surface in a layered spiral form with an open helix configuration. A heavy duty fabricated steel frame supports the rotating head assembly and the bore through the main frame is sized to allow a maximum passage of 600mm. A large lubricated bearing is mounted on the stationary portion of the main frame to create a rotating faceplate and a separate roller on a spring loaded swinging arm rides on the outside diameter of the tape pad to maintain constant tape tension during the run.

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Maximum Tape Package Diameter: 1000 mm
Minimum Tape Width: 65 mm
Maximum Tape Width: 150 mm
Minimum Tape Thickness: 0.15 mm
Maximum Tape Thickness: 0.75 mm
Tape Package Bore ID: 76.2 mm – 152.4 mm
Maximum Tape Package Weight: 90 Kg
Maximum Tape Tension: 100 daN
Pitch Range: 65 mm – 300 mm
Minimum Center Passage: 75 mm
Maximum Center Passage: 550 mm
Lay Angle: ± 30°
Maximum Rotational Speed: 60 RPM (balanced load)