Tire Apexing Systems

The Bartell Automatic Bead Apex System brings the process of applying an apex to a bead into the 21st century. Through automation the system combines the Apex profile extrusion process, Apex profile delivery and automatic Apex application in one compact integrated production system. The introduction of  automation to this process promotes improvements in Bead /Apex quality while fostering consistency and reducing operating costs compared to conventional and more manual production methods.

Additionally the system integrates automated product handling allowing the continuous transfer of beads,  from a Bartell Bead Winding system, to the Apex application station and from the application station to the next tire building process creating an efficient manufacturing cell.


The Bartell Automatic Truck Bead Apex System brings automation to the Bead /Apex process for tire Beads in the diameter range 17.5” to 24.5”.