The Bartell Automatic Truck Bead Apex System brings automation to the Bead /Apex process for tire Beads in the diameter range 17.5″ to 24.5″. The Bartell Automatic Truck Bead Apex System combines the Apex profile extrusion process, Apex profile delivery and automatic Apex application in one compact integrated system. In addition, automated product handling of the Bead both from the Bartell Bead Winding system to the Apex application station and the completed Bead/Apex component to the next process completes this unique manufacturing cell. Designed to accommodate either single or dual compound Apex profiles, the system uses a RMS 120/90 mm dual extrusion process. This automated process enables improvements in Bead /Apex quality and reduces operating costs compared to conventional production methods.

Automatic Apex Application Station

  • Apex Advance Assembly for automatically advancing the Apex profile to position at the Bead
  • Automatic Electrical Hot Knife Assembly for cutting the Apex to the calculated precise length
  • Apex Tail End Gripper Assembly
  • Stitching Wheel Assembly to automatically stitch the Apex to the Bead
  • Bartell (Patented) Apex Leading Edge Gripper Assembly
  • Bartell (Patented) Apex Trailing Edge Gripper Assembly
  • Apex Clamping Assembly
  • Servo Bead Drive Assembly for auto rotation of the Bead during the application process
  • Apex Anti-Cupping Assemblies
  • Three Segment Radially Expanding Bead Clamp Assembly
  • Pneumatic Controls

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Features & Benefits

Single Apex profile cut eliminates rubber waste

Butt joint of the Apex Splice improves uniformity and eliminates any bulge at the Apex Splice

Quick change tooling reduces downtime for size changes

Automatic Bead loading and Apexed Bead removal systems eliminate the requirement for operator involvement

System can be combined with a Bartell SWF2000 Beadline to form a complete automated manufacturing cell

Apex Accumulator System used to control the temperature of the Apex profile and to allow uninterrupted production between the extrusion system and the Apex Application Station.

Automatic Draw Table designed to automatically draw the Apex profile from the extruder head at the correct speed to assist Apex profile specifications.

Electrical Controls and System Integration System comes completely wired and integrated as one operational unit with all necessary PLC software and drives for control of the complete system, including the Duplex Extruder.

Cabinets housing the SCR drives and servo controllers for the Application Station, Accumulator and Extruder, complete with all PLC and motion controls are mounted locally next to the System. Operator line and set-up controls are via a HMI.  The HMI is capable of operating all line functions and storing a number of production recipes to assist quicker size change-over. The unit is mounted on a pedestal and positioned at the Application Station and also capable of displaying system diagnostic information.

System Safety Guarding consisting of barrier guarding in and around risk areas and including electrically interlocked gates and light curtains for access to the Apex Application Station.

Operator Interface Terminal positioned at the Application Station for Automatic Apex menu selection, also includes manual override operations and Fault screens diagnostics.

Automatic Bead Loading System used to automatically place Beads into the Automatic Apex Application Station prior to the application of the Apex profile.

Automatic Apexed Bead Removal System used to remove the finished Apexed Bead from the Application Station. The Apexed Beads are placed horizontally onto a rotating storage carousel.

The RMS 120/90mm Duplex Extruding system is a self-contained operating system that includes a piggy back arrangement of the two extruders, which are both of pin barrel design all mounted on unitized, fabricated base. The Duplex Extrusion Head is hydraulically operated as is the die clamping arrangement and the unit is complete with all valves piping and hydraulic power supply. The controls are integrated as part of the Apexing system and are inclusive of motors and drives of which are 100HP (75Kw) and 150HP (110Kw) for the 90mm and 120mm extruders respectively. The RMS Duplex Extrusion System is fully tested with the Bartell Automatic Truck Bead Apex System. Other extrusion systems may be compatible with the Automatic Truck Bead Apex Application Station and Accumulator Systems.

Slab Feeders – these are optional items dependant upon customer requirements but when used, come complete with metal detectors (two are required, one for each extruder).

Temperature Control Units – consisting of seven (7) individual temperature control units for temperature control of the extruder zones heating/cooling water. The Temperature Control Units use electric heaters to heat the water and are self-contained with all controls required to set and adjust each extruder zone temperature.

Electrical Controls and System Integration – the system comes completely wired and integrated as one operational unit with all necessary PLC software and drives for control of the complete system, including the Duplex Extruder.

System Safety Guarding – consisting of electrically interlocked barrier guarding.