The Bartell Festoonless Modular Wire Hexagonal Bead Winding System is a fully automatic bead building machine designed to simultaneously produce 1 through 7 single wire beads. The system is controlled via a flat screen operator interface unit capable of accepting bead profiles that can be varied to suit individual customer requirements. Once initial size adjustments are complete, the machine operates in automatic mode.

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The FESTOONLESS SYSTEM consists of the following components:

  • A SWS Hexagonal Bead Winder constructed from a machined fabricated steel body housing both the former and pay-on drive motors (A.C. brushless servos). The winder is capable of winding beads from 13” to 25” diameter. The wire cutter, positioned at the end of the pay-on wheel assembly, enables the roll down of the cut wire onto the finished bead. At the start of the next bead cycle, the wire is pushed forward into the former grips via a wire advance mechanism.
  • A pneumatically actuated auto bead unloading system that removes each bead set while maintaining the same spacing and deposits them into an optional bead collector chute. Beads may also be unloaded onto an optional bead storage carrousel.
  • A 2” Bartell/RMS cold feed, plastiscrew extruder, having a L:D ratio of 10:1, controlled by an AC variable speed drive, fitted with a “vent” insulating head.
  • The optional wire preheater is a free-standing self-contained unit, designed to improve “green” rubber-to-wire adhesion by reducing thermal shock at the extruder insulating head.
  • Let-off Equipment, comprised of power driven heavy duty let-off stands suitable for handling 1000 lb. reels of wire. They are driven by a 7.5 HP AC drive system capable of accelerating and decelerating the reels of bead wire to match the winder demand.
  • Cabinets housing the system control (Allen-Bradley, Mitsubishi or Siemens) servo drives.

The Festoonless Modular is designed to provide customers with a low cost entry into bead building. The machine is designed to build one bead at a time, but can be upgraded to 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7wires over time to increase productivity without having to purchase a whole new machine.

To upgrade the machine to more wires, the customer would purchase 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 more driven let-offs, sheaves for the guide roll stand and spreader, new dies and baffles for the extruder, pay-on/cutter/wire advance assemblies, new unloader fingers and new former shoes.

Feature Benefit
Single Operator Control Minimal Manpower Requirement
Hexagonal or Square Section Beads Product Flexibility
Integrated Line Control Controlled Process
Multi Bead Recipe Storage Reduced Downtime
Automatic Unload Continuous Production
Simple Machine Set-up Reduced Downtime
Radial Expand Former Multi Size Bead Diameters
System Diagnostics Reduced Downtime
High Productivity Reduced Bead Cost
Precision Wire Pre-Cast system Improved Product Quality
Easier Machine String Up Reduced Downtime
Optimized for quick change-over Increased Productivity


Bead ID: 13.00 – 25.00” (330-635 mm)
Bead Width: 0.75” (19 mm)
Bead Height: 0.75” (19 mm)
Bead Base Angle: 0°-15°
Bare Wire Diameter (max.) 0.072” (1.8 mm)
Bare Wire Diameter (min.): 0.037” (0.94 mm)


Beads Per Cycle: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 or 7
Line Speed: 750 ft/min (228.6m/min)
Productivity (3 beads):

20” (508mm) 50-turn @ 5.4 beads/min
20” (508mm) 50-turn @ 2,592 beads/8 hour shift
Productivity (7 beads):

15” (381mm) 20-turn @ 24.15 beads/min
15” (381mm) 20-turn @ 11,592 beads/8 hour shift