The TDS-980 construction makes it ideal for a stand-alone replacement of your existing weftless winder as well as an integral part of a whole new bead system. The TDS-980 capabilities include :

  • Nominal Bead Range -Either 4″to 30″ (100 -762mm) or 30″ to 60″ (762 -1524mm).
  • Maximum Ribbon Width of 1.25″ (31.75mm)
  • Programmable Bead Overlap Length
  • Single, Dual, Triple or Quad Bead Production

This machine is developed for continuous production of high quality beads, low operator involvement and speed of changeover, the Bartell TDS-980 uses state-of-the-art technology to meet today’s challenges.

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The TDS-980 System consists of the following:

  • A TDS-980 Bead Winder automatically produces either 1,2,3 or 4 weftless beads per machine cycle. The winder is complete with a servo driven former assembly for precise speed and position control and a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) for control of the automatic cycle.
  • A pneumatic festoon unit interfaces the stop/start action of the winder with the more constant insulating process of the extruder. The pneumatic festoon uses a cable cylinder to pretension the wires. The lower sheave assembly travels up and down the masts using linear guide rails. A transducer on the festoon mast controls the wire tension and safely stops the winder. Another unique feature is that by raising the lower sheave assembly, the top sheave assembly may be released from its safety latch for easy string-up at floor level
  • A Bartell/RMS Cold Feed Plastiscrew Extruder complete with Temperature control Units and the Bartell insulating head.
  • Let-Off Equipment consisting of up to 24 Heavy Duty Let-Off Stands, a multi-station gathering rail and a guide roll stand.
  • Integrated Control System, including PLC and Servo system drives and motors, for automatic control of the process
  • Operator Interface Terminal containing menu screens, run screens, manual screens and diagnostic screens.
  • We strongly recommend as original equipment, electrically interlocked perimeter guarding designed and integrated by Bartell.
Feature Benefit
Single Operator Control Minimal Manpower Requirement
Wide Bead Diameter Range Production Flexibility
Integrated Line Control Controlled Process
Multi Bead Recipe Storage Reduced Downtime
Automatic Bead Eject Continuous Production
Simple Machine Set-up Reduced Downtime
Radial Expand Former Multi Size Bead Diameters
High Bead Productivity Reduced Bead Cost

Bead ID: 10″ – 25″ (250mm – 635mm)

Beads/cycle & Bead Width:
Single – 1.250″ (32mm)
Duals – 0.625″ (16mm)
Triples – 0.417″ (11mm)
Quads – 0.303″ (7.6mm)

Bead Convolutions: 2 – 20 turns or 1.0″ (25.4mm)

Bead Construction:
Diamater Range: -0.250″ / +0.750″
Diameter Adjustment: Accomplished via wedge block
Shape: Square, rectangular

Tooling Parameters:

Feed Tray Width (max): 1.750″
Former Gripper width (max): 1.750″
Former width (max): 1.750″

Production Capabilities:

Bead per cycle: 1-4
Productivity: 14″, 4T, 2″ O.L. @ 18 cycles/min. e/eject
Line Speed: 500ft/min (150m/min)