The Digital Bead Sizing or Bead Measuring Machine (BMM) consists primarily of a split stepped cone ring. The upper half is mounted to the machine frame while the lower half moves up and down on linear rails. The lower half is held in place by a pneumatic cylinder. The operator places the bead onto the beehive step that is closest to, but smaller than the expected bead size, and unputs the step at the operator run screen. The operator next touches the two switches simultaneously and the lower half will drop using the air cylinder and the weight of the lower half, for a specified amount of time. When that time is complete, the lower half will automatically return to the closed position, as long as the operator’s hands are on the touch switches. The diameter reading will then be displayed. The process time and calibration set points are adjustable at the operator interface and are password protected to combine system integrity with calibration ease.

The Bartell BMM is a high-production test machine used to determine the inside diameters of tire beads ranging from 12″ to 24″ in diameter. An optional adapter cone will allow measurements down to 4″. Large diameters are also available as a special order. The digital beehive process cycle is fully automatic, eliminating any error due to operator involvement. Inside diameter and inside circumference are digitally displayed at the operator interface terminal and output options allow the operator to download to an industrial printer. Each step of the beehive cone is calibrated individually. Approximate calibration time is less than 30 minutes and should only be required periodically.

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