Under rollers are used in a variety of applications in which the onshore pay-off and take-up various lengths and diameters of flexible offshore pipe or umbilical cables is desired. Bartell offers under rollers ranging in size from 30 Tonne  to 500 Tonne capacities.

These units contain driven rim wheels which are fixed and are driven in tandem using two or four drive arrangements depending on the application. The rollers and their corner supports are connected by a cross brace system ensuring the stability of the unit. A total of eight (8) traverse wheels are included, four driven traverse wheels via one motor and gear reducer, allowing the under roller to traverse smoothly during spooling and unspooling operations.  The traversing capability of the under roller can also be used to move from line to the next via rails mounted in the plant foundation. If operated as a take up unit a guide system is provided while for either pay off or take up operation a catenary dancer can be supplied.

Bartell Machinery’s under rollers can accommodate reels up to a maximum of 14.0 meters in diameter and flange width of 5.416 meters and can be integrated with an existing production line or function as a stand-alone unit.

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Reel O.D. Min: 7.8 m
Reel O.D. Max: 14.0 m
Lifting Capacity: 500Te
Out Of Balance Load: 15Te at the flange
Max. Line Speed: 15 m/min
Max. Traverse Speed: 5 m/min
Product Diameter Min: 50 mm
Product Diameter Max: 400 mm
Mass per Unit Length Min: 1 kg/m
Mass per Unit Length Max: 200 kg/m

We offer custom built systems beyond specifications listed here, please contact a Bartell Sales Representative to discuss your requirements.