Success through A Time Honored Tradition

Finding Next-Generation Solutions through University Engagement
October 30, 2017
Bartell receives the HEICO Innovation Award
January 9, 2018

Rome, N.Y. – Since the Middle Ages, the practice of apprenticeship has been a traditional way of ensuring that time-honored skills and knowledge would be passed down ever moving industry forward. As the various manufacturing sectors have evolved, so have apprenticeship programs. One such program that fosters the apprenticeship relationship between employers and employees is the New York State Apprenticeship Training Program (NYSATP). This program works in collaboration with employers to develop skilled workers through a combination of on-the-job training and classroom instruction. In its continuous efforts to elevate its employees, Bartell Machinery has applied for and been approved as a sponsor for this new program.

Over approximately 48 months, the NYSATP program allows for up to 20 employees receive training in skilled trades such as Machinists, Electronics, Mechanics, CNC Systems Maintenance, Electricians, and Advanced Assembly. Through the program, Bartell partners with The Manufacturers Association of Central New York (MACNY) to incorporate their highly technical ToolngU Online Web Training modules. These modules include work processes for tools, equipment, materials, lighting, installation, wiring, small motor, Three-Phase motor repair, special AC circuits, DC machinery, and testing.

Senior Human Resource Manager, Pamela Hollenbeck feels that “In today’s workforce there is an ever-growing skills gap within manufacturing environments. From machinists to advanced assembly technicians, our ability to deliver the world’s most advanced machinery systems is directly influenced by our workforce. We have recognized that our success lies not only in an investment to develop a highly-skilled workforce in various advanced manufacturing disciplines, but also by providing a meaningful and fulfilling long-term career path.”

As a testament to the program’s success, Bartell has graduated 15 current employees and has twelve more enrolled.

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