Bartell’s solutions are found at the heart of factories worldwide which produce RTP pipe, flexible risers and umbilicals for both the onshore and offshore oil and gas industry. Our equipment, which includes some of the world’s largest systems for Tensile Armoring, Pressure Armoring (Flexlock) and Carcass production, deliver unmatched quality for critical systems. Our commitment to research and development pushes the envelope for the production of subsea flexibles capable of withstanding water depths beyond 3,000 meters. Additionally Bartell is developing systems for onshore material handling and offshore deployment. We are focused on delivering leading-edge technologies that allow our customers to succeed in the newest frontiers of oil and gas production.

New Products

Solving our partners production challenges through innovation is our passion. Explore how Bartell is developing advanced solutions for the factory of tomorrow.

Equipment Upgrades

Our ability to continuously improve our solutions allow manufactures to ensure maximum productivity, performance, efficiency and safety. Discover opportunities to improve your Bartell equipment.



Production systems for the transformation of a flat stainless steel strip into a fully interlocked section providing resistance from hydrostatic collapse, corrosion and erosion.


Allows for the application of an advanced continuously wound helix layer for use in high pressure flexible pipe applications.


Applies a layer of round or rectangular steel strip onto flexible pipe ensuring superior tensile support under heavy load conditions.


This caballing solution is optimized for umbilical or hose production with precise tension control and variable settings to support a variety of cable configurations.


Taping heads helically wind materials such as Polyester films to aluminium foils can be over elements to provide a variety of benefits and are available in 2-pad, 4-pad, and bobbin configurations.


Bartell’s robust shore based under rollers can accommodate reels up to a maximum of 14.0 meters in diameter and weights ranging from 30 Tonne to 500 Tonne capacities.


Dependability, durability and performance are designed into each caterpuller and capstan we offer. With industry leading value and features Bartell is a premium choice.