Maximizing Efficiency with BeadView™ Advanced Bead Measurement System

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October 12, 2016
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December 14, 2016

Bartell Machinery Systems is a global leader in providing advanced industrial manufacturing solutions for the tire and rubber, oil and gas, and wire and cable industries. With over 8,500 machines installed worldwide, Bartell has been delivering innovative solutions since its founding in 1940.

Companies that select Bartell Machinery’s equipment seek to maximize the efficiency and quality of the tire manufacturing process. To this end, companies need to deploy new measurement technologies with a repeatable and highly accurate process to improve quality and reduce scrap. Bartell’s BeadView™ Advanced Bead Measurement System provides an integrated solution designed to precisely measure bead characteristics.

One of the most important aspects of a quality tire build involves the efficient design and manufacture of the tire bead. Inefficient bead manufacturing methods can lead to waste, higher-production costs, and lower-quality – even unsafe – tires. Typically, scrap material stems from inefficiencies in the measurement of beading characteristics.

Bartell Machinery Systems’ BeadView™ Advanced Bead Measurement System represents the result of extensive research and development initiatives developed to combat precisely these problems in the measurement of tire beads. Bartell’s BeadView™ Advanced Bead Measurement System helps create repeatable and accurate measurements to improve bead quality, improve production efficiency, and reduce excess residual waste.

The precise measurement of the bead circumference plays a critical role in tire safety. If it is too small, tire mounting can be a problem, but if it is too loose, the tire can come off the rim under loading and cornering conditions. As a result, one of the leading causes of tire bead failures stems from defects during the manufacturing process. Simply put, failures in tire bead performance could lead to a blowout. While Bartell’s BeadView™ Advanced Bead Measurement System provides cost-saving efficiencies in bead manufacturing, these systems also help create tires that consumers can count on to meet the manufacturer’s quality standards.

The BeadView™ Advanced Bead Measurement System’s non-contact optical systems capture bead diameters, circumference, height, and width, and can be integrated into existing or new bead machines. The BeadView™ System also features programmed calibration sequences and can reference bead specifications, which can be stored for quick access later on. Along with a high-powered Cognex integrated controller, advanced GigE cameras, an Alley Bradley 15” resistive touch display, and a durable glass measurement surface, Bartell’s BeadView™ System offers value-added benefits to machinery operators, inspectors, plant managers and engineers.

By spending a considerable amount of time and money in research and development, Bartell Machinery Systems has created something truly remarkable. The BeadView™ Advanced Bead Measurement System is the most accurate and reliable non-contact bead inspection system on the market. There simply is nothing else like it. See what Bartell Machinery can do for your company today.

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