Consideration for the integration of stewardship and sustainability principles are becoming ever more important to business success in the global environments in which function. Bartell recognizes that there is more to being an influential business than just selling world class equipment. Despite complex challenges we continue to work to do our part to reach beyond our physical walls to positively impact our employees, community and environment. Below are some examples of just a few of our efforts to be more than just a workplace.

Our Environment

  • Implemented the standard use of environmentally responsible paints and coatings, Low VOC, to reduce emissions from applications during the manufacturing process.
  • Installation of new efficient plant air compressor leading to a reduction in energy consumption by approximately 10%.
  • One of the first businesses within New York State to achieve an 14001:2015 certification which defines criteria for the creation and management of an integrated environmental management system.

Our Community

  • Sponsorship and active participation in a variety of charitable organizations and events. These include but are not limited to the Central New York Ride for Missing Children, the Stevens-Swan Humane Society ride benefit, the Rome Rescue Mission, Toys for Tots and the Utica Zoo.
  • The hosting of local high school students with the goal of promoting local industry focused on the diversity and availability of skilled employment within the Mohawk Valley region.

Our Employees

  • Achieved OHSAS 18001:2007 certification, supplanted by 45001:2018 in 2019, empowering the organization with tools to effectively identify, manage, and control health and safety risks.
  • Advanced training and programs to promote a reduced risk work environment: Heavy Lift Team, Medical Response Team, Workplace Ergonomics
  • A wellness committee with the directive to develop a variety of activities and seminars to help improve the physical health and mental well-being of both individual employees and their families. This includes working with local organizations, such as the YMCA through their Community Partnership Program, to foster a proactive approach to wellness and community engagement activities. 

Commitment To EH&S Excellence

Bartell Machinery Systems L.L.C., beyond meeting all local, state, and federal laws and regulations, is committed to the protection of the environment, meeting corporate requirements, and the health and safety of all employees, customers, and communities where our machines are in use. We understand that by applying sound environmental, health, and safety management to all aspects of our business, we can offer technologically advanced products to our customers while conserving resources for our future generations. Bartell Machinery Systems strives for continual improvements in our environmental, health, and safety systems, and in the environmental quality of our products and services, through economically sound, and technologically practicable processes that produce meaningful and measurable environmental improvements.

We will...

  • meet or exceed all environmental, health, and safety requirements.
  • evaluate our policies by monitoring all requirements through periodic management reviews.
  • encourage our contractors, vendors, and suppliers to adhere to Bartell Machinery Systems standards for our environmental, health, and safety practices.
  • communicate our environmental, health, and safety policies to all Bartell Machinery Systems employees.
  • design, manage and operate our facilities and machinery equipment to promote safety, energy efficiency, and environmental protection.
  • ensure that all of our employees are aware of their role and responsibility to sustain Bartell Machinery Systems’ environmental, health, and safety policy.
  • report safety-related recommendations, findings, and concerns, or injuries immediately.
  • not tolerate harassment, retaliation or discrimination for reporting.