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April 2, 2018
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Cheerful coworkers in office during company meeting

When I began looking for an internship the most common advice I received was to look for a company that I would fit in well with, not just my skills but with my personality. To look for a company where the employee’s loved their jobs and the tasks that they completed every day. In my mind, I kept thinking that work was just work; and it didn’t matter the people who I was working with, as long as I got my job done correctly, on time and the company had a stable future.

Well, what I’ve learned is work isn’t “just work”. Every company has tasks that need to get done in order to reach their common goals but beyond accomplishing tasks the people you come in contact with at the company will leave a lasting impact on your career and life.

Most students do not think of this as a critical part of a job search, but when you secure a full-time position, the people you spend it with really shape your experience; positive or negative. It’s the people you see when you are grabbing a coffee, need a question answered, or work with on a project. The workplace environment is not just coworkers working together, but a family working together. They strive to see each other succeed and help each other get there any way that they can.

Together, a company celebrates the success and improves on its failures and having positive relationships with the people you work with during those highs and lows of the job are crucial for continuing your motivation, and a positive attitude to the task at hand. When there is a good company environment, you are more likely to wake up looking forward to your day ahead. No one wants to have a job and career that they hate going to every day!

So next time you are interviewing, ask to have a tour of the facility. Look around and see how many employees are smiling, engaging with each other and ques to give you a feel for the overall company culture. Look for people that have a positive attitude, a defined workspace for your function and a healthy number of experienced professionals from which you can learn many different experiences. The employees make a company all that it is, so finding colleagues you can see yourself enjoying to work with, is an essential part of the decision making process. – Samantha

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