Strip Armouring represents a low cost, physical protection for energy, instrumentation, coaxial, data and fiber optic applications. The combination of high tensile strength, crush and impact resistance characterizes the performance of this cost-effective layer and makes it the preferred choice for demanding electrical, data, and fiber optic installations.

Bartell’s Strip Armouring process and equipment combine material and profile designs to suit current performance-based specifications and customer-specific requirements.

The 50 mm (2″) strip armouring machine is typically used for the production of smaller armored cables and flexible conduits and is the optimal solution for the production of armoured building cables (MC & AC), ESP cable (Electrical Submersible Pump), data, fiber optic, safety & fire alarm cables.

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Product Description

Strip armouring uses profiled flat strip, interlocked on itself, to provide a low cost physical protection for energy, instrumentation, coaxial, data and fiber optic applications.

Ceeco Bartell strip armouring machine program combines material and profile design to suit current performance based on specifications and customer specific requirements.

  • Max. design speed:1500 RPM
  • Max. operating speed: 1300 RPM
  • Max. line speed: 45 FPM (13.7 m/min)
  • Max. strip feed speed: 450 FPM
  • Strip coil package: 36” OD x 12” Width (900 x 300 mm) with 1500 lbs. (700 Kg) weight

Armoured cable manufactured on 50 mm machine complies with many electrical standards and it is an alternative to rigid and aluminum conduit, allowing quick and easy installation.

  • Suitable to produce flat and round armoured cables
  • Cable range from 8.5-50 mm (0.33 – 2.0 inches) for round and flat up to 17.50 x 49.0 mm
  • Strip material: Galvanized steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Monel
  • Strip width: 9.5 – 12 mm (⅜ -½ inches)

The strip armouring machine comes with integrated drive & control package and auxiliary equipment to fulfill each application.

Machine parameters are digitally monitored and controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a menu driven touch screen so that at each stage the operator is guided to obtain the desired machine operation.

Feature Benefit
Higher operating speed Improve product margins
Electrical strip feed system Eliminates slip rings & mechanical wearing parts
Electronic strip tension system Ensures constant strip tension throughout speed range & strip coil depletion
Oil mist lubrication Reduce contamination
Servo drives system Greater consistence of product, better quality
Simple foundation requirement Reduced investment
Pre-wire interconnection cable Reduced installation & start up time
Simple machine set up Reduced downtime
Quick change over Reduced downtime
Jumbo coil package Longer run time, reduced downtime
Dynamic balanced head Minimizes vibration, less maintenance
Greater level of automation Minimize operator error


  • Copper wire insertion for liquid tight conduits
  • Flat tooling for flat cables
  • Several designs for Haul off unit
  • Inline SZ assembly of wire prior to armouring application
  • Inline coiling or spooling for shipment to customer