Bartell offers a wide range of pay-offs and take-ups to support any application in the production of power cable, steel wire rope, telecommunication cables or any environment where continuous production is desired. Ease of use, reliability and robustness are the cornerstones in which our pay-offs and take-ups are designed and tested. With reel ranges from 36 inches to 120 inches, weights up to 40,000 pounds and a variety of options and features Bartell offers the best solutions to ensure the consistent production of quality products.

Available in a variety standard configurations Bartell’s payoffs and take ups can also be modified to fit a specific application or purpose built to meet even the most challenging requirements.


With precise tension control and high linear speed this pay off systems is specifically suited to support the production of a variety of fiber optic cable configurations at the highest quality standards.


Bartell cantilever units are known for their legendary performance. From its compact design to lower maintenance and improved flexibility they provide the dependability and performance our customers need.


Our Roll Through styles are designed for fast and easy loading and unloading while being able to achieve a high-quality lay. With multiple features and smooth operation, these can be configured to meet any application.


With the lift arms supported above the frame gantry style units provide a unique solution for large and hard to handle reels. From stationary to traversing these units provide a quality solution for complex production needs.