The Bartell Gantry or Bridge style of Pay-offs and Take-ups are different from any of the other styles because of the orientation of the lift arms which are supported by rails on the top of the frame. They are available as traversing or stationary reel machines. The traversing machine has the lift arms and the reel traversing side to side, while the frame is stationary. On the stationary machine, the arms move only as much as is required for the loading and unloading of the reels. The stationary machine has its own traverse assembly that uniformly lays the product onto the reel. Available in configurations up to 120 inches and 88,000lbs Bartell as the equipment to meet any need. Custom configuration available upon request.

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Product Description


  • Stationary model with an independent traverse.
  • Advanced control system utilizing a PLC controller, programmable operator interface, safety monitoring devices, and AC drives.
  • State of the art traverse and reel drive train with a 1-year warranty.
  • Holding brake.
  • Easily adjustable cable guide roller assembly
  • Electro-mechanical lifting and positioning of the reel.
  • Full safety limits built in for pintle movements in lifting and lowering motion prevents damage to machine and reel.
  • On screen traverse adjustment, with features such as rapid traverse, pause traverse, and programmable flange delay, programmable turn around points.
  • Ergonomically designed operator control stations.


  • Stationary model with pneumatic drag disc brake for tension control.
  • Ergonomically designed operator control stations.

Optional Features:

Take-up and Pay-Off Optional Features:

  • Traversing
  • Dancers and Accumulators for constant tension control.
  • Guarding packages.
  • Pendant stations for operator controls.
  • Remote radio operator controls, for maximum visibility and mobility.
  • Movable cable guide stands.
  • Movable dancer cable guide stands.
  • Auto-unload feature which allows for the operator to push one button for the automatic discharge of a reel.
  • Custom designs available upon request.