The primary components of any Drum Twister lines are; rotating take-ups, rotating pay-offs or, a combination of both.

Depending on application they are manufactured in different designs; Closed cradle, Open cradle (Trunnion), Fork type and Vertical type.

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Product Description

Drum Twisters are suitable for the concentric assembly of:

  • Insulated conductors
  • Screening power cables
  • Stranded, round and sector conductors
  • Milliken conductors
  • Steel wire armouring
  • Instrumentation, data and control cable
  • Telephone cable

A Typical line for a multi-core power cable (Cabling/Armouring/Screening) consists of:


  • Rotating pay-offs (Closed, Open or Fork design)
  • Strand block/sector sensing/correcting unit
  • Multiple pay-offs to supply armouring/screening wires
  • Taping heads (metallic & non-metallic tapes)
  • Rotating haul-off unit
  • Rotating take-up (Closed, Open or Fork design)

Machine parameters are digitally monitored and controlled via a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and a menu driven touch screen so that at each stage the operator is guided to obtain the desired machine operation.

Feature Benefit
Single Operator Control Minimal Manpower Requirement
Integrated Line Control Controlled Process
Loading System Improved Productivity
Simple Machine Set-up Reduced Downtime
System Diagnostics Reduced Downtime
Smooth wire path Improved Product Quality


  • Overhead Loader or Hydraulic lifting table
  • Rotating turn table
  • Rotating torsion helper
  • Video monitoring
  • Pneumatic, pre-loaded Fleet-O-Matic® dancer arm for pay-offs
  • Pneumatic, pre-loaded Gooseneck traverse arm for Take-up