This specific rigid strander has shaft pay off design suitable to supply fiber optic Ribbon and buffered tube constructions directly into an extrusion line.

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Product Description

This strander is designed for the stranding of fiber optic ribbons with precise tension control. Line component parameters are set and controlled from main operator HMI touch screen. The path of the material is precisely guided. Each position is equipped with an extremely low friction, pneumatic pre-loaded dancer arm that maintains the preset tension during the process. Speed reference to individual spindle drives ensure the preset tension is maintained throughout the run. This design is available to accommodate a wide range of reels to suit fiber length required.

Feature Benefit
Gentle wire path Superior tension control
High linear speed Improved productivity
Compact machine footprint Reduce investment
Greater level of automation Minimize operator error


  • Number of positions: up to 24
  • Typical Reel size: 450 mm (18 inches)
  • Rotating Speed: up to 75 RPM*
  • Linear speed: up to 75 m/min or 250 ft/min*
  • Tension range: 100-1000 cN*

*- Product dependent