Fine Wire

With the rapid the development of technology the needs for smaller wire construction is ever more critical and the challenges in manufacturing these configurations are growing. Through advanced technologies such as tension control and high productivity stranding systems Bartell empowers manufactures to deliver the wire solutions that are driving the technologies of tomorrow.


Machine Systems


Tubular Strander

The Bartell high-speed tubular stranders are constructed with durability and efficiency in mind to meet the most demanding production requirements.


Shaftless Cantilever

Bartell cantilever units are known for their legendary performance. From its compact design to lower maintenance and improved flexibility they provide the dependability and performance our customers need.


Roll Through / Portal

Our Roll Through styles are designed for fast and easy loading and unloading while being able to achieve a high-quality lay. With multiple features and smooth operation, these can be configured to meet any application.


Caterpullers and Capstans

Our standard caterpullers and capstans are available in a wide variety of designs, suitable for products up to 5 inches in diameter.