With the continued development of both traditional and renewable energy sources in offshore environments subsea and umbilical cables for power and communication are becoming ever more important. Designed to operate in harsh subsea environments for many years the cables provide the critical link to the operation, control and delivery of energy resources.  Bartell has developed a strong record in the design, development and delivery of highly engineered systems for the manufacturing of a diverse range of subsea cable solutions. We deliver turnkey systems that are specifically engineered and manufactured to meet the high standards for cables in subsea applications.


Machine Systems


Planetary Strander

Planetary Stranders and Cablers minimize the twisting of bare wire/insulated conductors around their own axis.


Shaftless Cantilever

Bartell cantilever units are known for their legendary performance. From its compact design to lower maintenance and improved flexibility they provide the dependability and performance our customers need.


Roll Through / Portal

Our Roll Through styles are designed for fast and easy loading and unloading while being able to achieve a high-quality lay. With multiple features and smooth operation, these can be configured to meet any application.



With the lift arms supported above the frame gantry style units provide a unique solution for large and hard to handle reels. From stationary to traversing these units provide a quality solution for complex production needs.

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Under Rollers

Under rollers are used in a variety of applications in which the onshore pay-off and take-up various lengths and diameters of flexible offshore pipe or umbilical cables is desired. Bartell offers under rollers ranging in size from 30 Tonne to 500 Tonne capacities.

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Caterpullers and Tensioners

These units are designed and engineered to meet demanding customer requirements associated with a broad range of pipe designs.