Being a premier supplier of tire production solutions that help the world’s leading producers optimize tire safety while maximizing manufacturing productivity and efficiency is something we take seriously. Through research, innovation and in-depth process knowledge Bartell continues to push the limits of tire manufacturing technologies. Each product is specifically designed and rigorously tested to optimize automation, reliability, safety and return on investment. With the largest global install base of tire bead winding solutions Bartell continues to prove our value and quality are at the forefront of the tire manufacturing industry.

New Products

Solving our partners tire production challenges through innovation is our passion. Explore how Bartell is developing advanced solutions for the factory of tomorrow.

Equipment Upgrades

Our ability to continuously improve our tire manufacturing solutions allow manufactures to ensure maximum productivity, performance, efficiency and safety. Discover opportunities to improve your Bartell equipment.



With pure planetary, variable backtwist, and rigid settings along with advanced tension control our planetary stranders offer the best industry has to offer.


From cantilever to roll though Bartell’s legendary performance is delivered in a variety of configurations to meet any application.


Dependability, durability and performance are designed into each caterpuller and capstan we offer. With industry leading value and features Bartell is premium choice.