Dual Head Coiler/Spooler is designed to meter and wind product directly from a strip armoring line. This unit is constructed of a rugged fabricated steel frame that supports the coiling head, spindles, and houses the drive train to meet the toughest production environments. The upper stations are supplied with two collapsible heads and the two lower stations accommodate spindles for spools. Coiling heads are equipped with retractable safety shrouds. Both coiling heads and reel spindles are removable.

An encoder equipped measuring wheel ensures the predetermined length for each coil or reel is supplied. A reset signal also activates the torque motor which drives the feed roller for continuous feeding of the material through the cutter for the operator to feed it into the next head. A  “Uhing” style traverse provides smooth traversing motion with infinitely adjustable speed. The traverse stroke is adjustable through locking sleeves.

An operator actuated pneumatic cutter is supplied for product up to 1.5” diameter.

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Machine characteristics:

Maximum Product O.D. 1-1/2 in 38 mm


Upper position:

Number of spindles 2
Outer diameter up to 22 in Up to 560 mm
Inner diameter 9 in 228 mm
Traverse width 7 in 178 mm


Lower position:

Reel shafts 2
Flange diameter 30 in 760 mm
Traverse width

Bore diameter

Max. 24 in

3½ in

Max. 508 mm

89 mm