Fiber pay-off is mainly used in tandem with extrusion line for production of tight, loose tubes or ribbon fibers.

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Product Description

This pay-off is suitable to accommodate 2-12 optic fibers in tandem with insulating process. A digitally set, low friction pneumatic preloaded dancer along with a speed reference to individual drives ensures the optimum running conditions. Individual strain gauges monitor and record the tension range throughout the product run.

This driven shaft type unit is capable of handling all kind of fiber optic packages with fiber length up to 50 Km.

Feature Benefit
Gentle wire path Superior tension control
High linear speed Improved productivity
Compact machine footprint Reduce investment
Greater level of automation Minimize operator error


  • Number of positions: 2-12
  • Typical reel size: 305 mm (12”)
  • Linear speed: up to 600 m/min or 2000 ft/min*

Tension range: 25-250 cN*

*– Product dependent