The weftless bead has a simple uncomplicated construction process, consisting of two or more wires held together in a ribbon of insulated rubber compound. These wires are pre-cast into a desired bead diameter, wound a pre-selected number of times around a fixed diameter former, cut and ejected. Our machines are designed to implement individual customer needs, ensuring continuous production of high quality weftless beads.

The Bartell TDS-860 Bead Line is an automatic bead winding machine designed to produce 10” (250mm) through 25” (635mm) passenger and light truck tire beads. The flat, weftless, insulated ribbon can contain anywhere from two (2) to twenty-four (24) single strands of bead wire with a maximum insulated ribbon width of 1.25” (32mm). The number of revolutions for a single bead profile can be adjusted from two (2) to twenty (20) turns and the machine has a maximum line speed of 500 ft/min (152.4 m/min), depending upon the size of the former fitted, operator skills, and the adhesion properties of the wire compound used.

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The TDS-860 SYSTEM consists of the following:

  • A TDS-860 Bead Winder that automatically produces one (1), two (2), three (3), four (4) or five (5) weftless beads per machine cycle and is complete with a servo driven former assembly engineered with a radial expand/collapse design, capable of an adjustment range of its nominal diameter or ± 0.125” (3.175mm).
  • A Festoon Unit containing two (2) water cooled pull drums, powered by an A.C. motor, allow a more constant insulating process through the extruder by dynamically storing the tape between the extruder and bead winder.
  • Bartell’s Cold Feed Plasticrew Extruder.
  • Let-Off equipment can contain up to twenty-four (24) Heavy Duty Let-Off Stands complete with a wire break proximity switch and low wire sensors. A multi-station gathering rail and guide roll stand properly align the wires prior to entering the extruder.
  • The Integrated Control System includes a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and servo system drives/ motors for automatic process control.
  • A user friendly Operator Interface Terminal contains a menu screen, run screen, manual screen, and diagnostics screen for complete machine control.

Features & Benefits

  •  Automatic Operation and Unload Allowing Uninterrupted Production
  • Nominal Bead Range of 10” – 25” (250mm – 635mm)
  • Single, Dual, Triple, Quad, or Quint Bead Production
  • Former Rotation and Tape Advance Position Utilize Servo Motors for Speed and Position Accuracy
  • Range of 2 – 24 Wires per Ribbon (Max Ribbon Width of 1.25” (32mm))
  • High Productivity Maintaining Outputs Up to 18 Cycles per Minute
  • Programmable Bead Overlap Ranging From 0” – 6” (0mm – 150mm)
  • Memory Allows Multiple Bead Recipes to be Stored
  • Radial 360° Expand/Collapse Former Reduces Change-Over Time
  • Single Operator Control Minimizing Manpower Requirements
  • System Diagnostics Checks Decreases Downtime
  • Proven Technology Ensures Consistent Manufacturing of High Quality Product

Beads per Cycle : 1-5
(14”) • 4T, 2”OL @ 18 cycles/min w/eject
(14”) • 4T, 2”OL @ 12 cycles/min w/unloader
Line Speed: 500 ft/minute (152.4 m/minute)
Bead Convolutions: 2-20 turns or 1.0” (25.4 mm)
Diameter Adjustment (Former): ±0.125” (3.175 mm)

Beads/Cycle Bead Width (max):
Single 1.250” (32 mm)
Dual 0.625” (16 mm)
Triple 0.399 (10 mm)
Quad 0.272” (7mm)
Quint 0.236” (6mm)